Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sick of Sarah....Could Never Get Sick of Abisha!

Last night I went to a concert with my friend Jill at a little dive bar about 5 minutes from my house. We went to see Sick of Sarah, and were treated with a great surprise in Von Iva. Not only did the girls rock out, but we got a picture with Abisha, and then (after leaving to grab some food) came back to enjoy Von Iva and chill with the girls from Sick of Sarah. Not only did we get to chat, but Jill danced with Abisha and I danced with the lead singer of Von Iva while she was singing to me. Fabulous night which was capped by kisses on the cheek and big hugs from Abisha and free posters :o) I love my big, gay life.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I'm sitting in a coffee shop right now, 1 block in from the beach, in one of the gayest towns ever watching and listening to my best friend play acoustic guitar. A.k.a. I am in lesbian heaven. I had to go to my cousin's bridal shower this morning, fun times in hetero-ville, but this is much more my speed. She's playing songs she wrote herself and yes, she is my best friend, but I am also hyper-critical of things, and I can say for a fact that she is incredibly talented. This is what summer is for me. Warm breezes, easy days, good music, and great friends. I can only hope that everyone has the chance to have a similar experience, because it truly is amazing.