Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hola, compadres.

So I've got another for ya. Yes, I know, I've been absent, but I never said this would be an every day thing! My life is quite delightfully random, but if I took the time to publish every conversation that qualifies I would be banned for over-using bandwith, as well as carpal-tunnel, not to mention I would have no time left to actually have the conversations themselves, and then we get into a vicious cycle and............Sorry, my head exploded. I'm back now. Anywho, here's one that took place via text-message the other night. Again, I have changed my friend's name to preserve her anonymity and save her from years of embarassment that would no doubt result from this post :oP

Elizabeth: I'm eating raisins.
Me: That's fantastic. Don't you hate raisins?
E: I'm playing super nintendo.
Me: Lovin the play-by-play.
E: I just farted...

Me: Just kidding? Liar, lol. I can smell it from here!
E: HEY, my farts do not smell bad. Usually. My brother on the other hand. I don't know what they've been feeding him!
Me: Haha that's true. They do surprise you with the sound, though lol.
E: Shhhhhhh, don't talk.

Okay, so some of that was part of an inside joke which, I'm betting, you had to be there to appreciate.

I would have posted a convo that took place the other night at my kitchen table, but I do not remember a word of it. I know there was a great deal of laughing, some hitting, and too many pictures/videos taken and sent, as well as the fact that there were no substances being used or abused. Merely utter exhaustion to fuel our fun. Enjoy, if you can understand it at all, and not just take it for some dumb bathroom humor. If you can't, then enjoy some dumb bathroom humor!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New directions...

Well well, I am terrible at keeping up with life in general, let alone in print. So I had an idea, to remind me to keep up: a change! I know, so profound, so novel, but here me out.
I have a shitload of random conversations with people every single day, and I wish that I had a way of keeping track of them 1)because sometimes when I have a really shitty day I need something to remind me that life isn't always so terrible, and 2)because I'm fairly certain that other people need that as well, and if I can somehow be involved in it, then all is not lost.
So here we are. My first step in a new direction. I hope you'll come along for the ride, or at least stop in from time to time when you especially need a grin, a giggle, or just something to take your mind off whatever horribleness you are subject to at any given time.
Here goes nothin!
This is a convo I was having with a friend of mine, we'll call her Cait. We were trying to figure out a way to go out to a bar without either of us having to drive, so that we could have a good time without care. There are reasons for what follows, but I'll just let you surmise as you like.

Cait: also, we need a friend who is 21 and likes to go out but not drink haha
oh and who has a car
Me: hmmmmmmmmm
we should work on becoming friends with a lesbian who is either pregnant, mormon, or in a.a. lol
Cait: um pregnant or mormon yeah? lol
Me: haha
so she won't want to drink! lol
Cait: haha well I got that, I was just wondering the chances of stumbling upon a practicing mormon lesbian
or an accidentally pregnant lesbian
Me: well, not necessarily accidentally :)
Cait: lol
well in that case it is different
I was just going along with your theme of mormons and alcoholics