Sunday, August 16, 2009

New directions...

Well well, I am terrible at keeping up with life in general, let alone in print. So I had an idea, to remind me to keep up: a change! I know, so profound, so novel, but here me out.
I have a shitload of random conversations with people every single day, and I wish that I had a way of keeping track of them 1)because sometimes when I have a really shitty day I need something to remind me that life isn't always so terrible, and 2)because I'm fairly certain that other people need that as well, and if I can somehow be involved in it, then all is not lost.
So here we are. My first step in a new direction. I hope you'll come along for the ride, or at least stop in from time to time when you especially need a grin, a giggle, or just something to take your mind off whatever horribleness you are subject to at any given time.
Here goes nothin!
This is a convo I was having with a friend of mine, we'll call her Cait. We were trying to figure out a way to go out to a bar without either of us having to drive, so that we could have a good time without care. There are reasons for what follows, but I'll just let you surmise as you like.

Cait: also, we need a friend who is 21 and likes to go out but not drink haha
oh and who has a car
Me: hmmmmmmmmm
we should work on becoming friends with a lesbian who is either pregnant, mormon, or in a.a. lol
Cait: um pregnant or mormon yeah? lol
Me: haha
so she won't want to drink! lol
Cait: haha well I got that, I was just wondering the chances of stumbling upon a practicing mormon lesbian
or an accidentally pregnant lesbian
Me: well, not necessarily accidentally :)
Cait: lol
well in that case it is different
I was just going along with your theme of mormons and alcoholics


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